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DJ Sauron says:

We will be back!

That's right! Argonath Radio will be back soon.

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Happy New Year!
By: Jonny, on: 5 Jan 2016

The Argonath Radio team would like to wish everyone a very happy New Year.

Along with the New Year we have also added some new DJs to the team. Join me in welcoming the following new DJs:

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New DJs once again.
By: Sandi, on: 29 Oct 2014

Argonath Radio is back. Hopefully you will all enjoy our tunes and enjoy listening to our new DJs.

Hello and welcome to our Trial DJs.

DJ Base
DJ Ben
DJ Khan
DJ Andrewson
DJ Luke
DJ Traxter
DJ Freezz

And the DJs who joined in just a bit before them:

DJ Brian
DJ Traser - comment(3)

Welcome back & new DJs
By: Jonny, on: 28 Aug 2013

Firstly, we would like to welcome you all back to Argonath Radio after the period of downtime Argonath experienced recently. The radio is now fully functional again which is excellent news!

Along with this good news we also have accepted a number of applicants to become trial DJs. Congratulations to:

DJ Analysis
DJ Peeta
DJ Sandi
DJ Green
DJ Jacob
DJ Nab - comment(1)

New DJs for March!
By: Hess, on: 13 Mar 2013

I'm pleased to announce that DJ Craft, DJ Dexter and DJ SafetyMoose have been promoted to Senior DJs, to carry out the unenviable tasks of schedule management, structuring and activity monitoring. We wish them the best of luck. - comment(6)

Applications are open!
By: Janek, on: 5 Jan 2013

Applications to become a radio DJ are now open. Click here to apply. Ensure you read all the rules very carefully.


DJ>Trial: James.Bond, Benson
Trial>Fired: DJ Pon3, Nim - comment...

New DJs for October!
By: Jonny, on: 15 Oct 2012

Welcome to all the new DJs here are Argonath Radio:

DJ Rosso
DJ Doughnut
Def P
DJ Pon3
DJ Dragon
Jonny Mac

We can't wait to hear your wonderful voice being broadcast across the whole of Argonath! - comment...

New DJs!
By: Hess, on: 24 Jul 2012

Congratulations to the following people who have been accepted as Trial DJs!

DJ Robbs
DJ Nexxt
DJ Nim
DJ James
DJ Megamidget96 + LukeN
DJ Oyster

We wish you all the best and look forward to hearing your upcoming shows! - comment(6)

By: Janek, on: 30 Jun 2012

There have been promotions and demotions today within the DJ team to prepare for the opening of the application process for the DJ team.

Applications will be opened on the Argonath forum on Monday, 2nd July.

Fired (inactivity):
Davey, Elf, Fuzzy, Hobo, Teddy, Warren
Adam (to trial), Link9rly (to trial)
Adam, Clown, Ethan, Link9rly,Thijs
Emre, Eymas/Leon, Murdoxix, Vomit

Good luck to those applying, and congratulations to those who were promoted. - comment(4)

By: Janek, on: 24 Jun 2012

- comment(5)

Auto DJ
By: Janek, on: 11 Jun 2012

DJ Sauron is here providing 24/7 music when there is no DJ online. Watch out though - he sometimes speaks on the microphone and can be scary to younger listeners. - comment(1)

Currently offline
The radio is currently offline. Please check the timetable for the next shows.