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DJ Sauron says:

We will be back!

That's right! Argonath Radio will be back soon.

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Welcome to the official Argonath Radio website! Our aim is to provide an active radio station dedicated to the Argonath Community. Here you'll be able to listen to your favourite songs broadcasted by DJs from Argonath.

Latest news

Welcome back & new DJs
By: Jonny, on: 28 Aug 2013

Firstly, we would like to welcome you all back to Argonath Radio after the period of downtime Argonath experienced recently. The radio is now fully functional again which is excellent news!

Along with this good news we also have accepted a number of applicants to become trial DJs. Congratulations to:

DJ Analysis
DJ Peeta
DJ Sandi
DJ Green
DJ - read more/comment(1)

New DJs for March!
By: Hess, on: 13 Mar 2013

I am pleased to announce the new Argonath Radio Trial DJs!


Congratulations to the above and welcome back to the previous Argonath Radio DJs. - comment(6)

Applications are open!
By: Janek, on: 5 Jan 2013

Applications to become a radio DJ are now open. Click here to apply. Ensure you read all the rules very carefully.


DJ>Trial: James.Bond, Benson
Trial>Fired: DJ Pon3, Nim - comment...

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Currently offline
The radio is currently offline. Please check the timetable for the next shows.